-- online vacuum tube sales from Bob Dobush of Wellington, Ohio

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We have a vacuum tube price list hosted in Google Docs. The spreadsheet format allows up to update our prices instantly. You can search for the tube you need by hitting control-F and typing the tube number you want.

There is a 20% charge for brand preference for vacuum tube purchases unless the brand is already listed priced for a particular tube.

In addition to what is on the site, we have in stock a wide selection of schematics for television, radio, hi-fi and auto radios. We also have a good number of parts, coils, flybacks and yokes for many older televisions. There is a limited supply of early solid-state TV modules and HV triplers. Please inquire with brand and model number.

Make sure to check out my eBay auctions.

We also buy tubes! Email or call us for info.