I have had an interest in electronics since I was about 11 years old. From building Heathkit items to setting up my own audio system, I was never away from electronics for long

Two years of vocational electronics and then part-time college for seven years qualified me for positions at the Warner and Swasey and Van Dorn companies in Cleveland, Ohio. After leaving Van Dorn for a position at Leaders, business stalled and I was laid off in 1982 -- the perfect opportunity to start my own business in the field of electronics repair. I gravitated toward retro electronics in the late 1980s and concentrated on this more and more every year.

I closed my shop in 1999 and started travelling to auctions and electronics events consistently. I have some storage buildings in Ohio and Indiana that keep me busy. Over the years I have accumulated several hundred thousand tubes -- new and used. This is my main area of expertise. My library is extensive and includes information on both U.S. and foreign tubes.

In addition to my tube "hobby" I also serve as a consultant for Estes Auctions, specializing in radio and electronics sales.

-- Bob Dobush